Store + Rewards

For New Users:

How to Complete the Registration Process and Access Games?

We will outline the necessary steps for new users to register and access games after completing the subscription.

What Are In-Game Points and How Will They Be Earned?

We will explain what in-game points are and how users can accumulate them while playing.

How to Redeem Points for Products?

We will describe the process users should follow to redeem accumulated points for various available products.

Any Tips for Maximizing Earned Points?

We will share practical tips for users to earn more points while playing and make the most of our platform.

Exclusive Benefits for Subscribers: What Can They Expect?

We will highlight the special advantages that users will gain by subscribing, such as access to premium games and exclusive content.

For Experienced Users:

Where Can I View the Accumulated Points?

We will indicate where users can check their points balance and how to access their points history.

Points Expiry Policy: Is There a Deadline?

We will clarify if points have an expiration date and how we handle this matter.

Is It Possible to Share Redeemed Products with Other Users?

We will explain if there is an option to share or gift redeemed products among users.

Troubleshooting Technical Issues: What Should I Do?

We will provide instructions on how to report technical problems and offer basic solutions for common issues.

Advancing in Subscription Levels and Associated Benefits: How Does It Work?

We will detail how users can progress through subscription levels and what advantages await them at each level.

Details about the Partnership with the Product Redemption Page:

We will explain the nature of our partnership with the product redemption page and how users can take advantage of it.